Homeowners are sensitive to the relationship established within community by the management company. Let’s face it, no one wants to pay association assessments. Communicating in a timely matter, within one business day, and handling calls and emails in a professional and sensitive manner creates a relationship built on trust. We recommend communities generate newsletters or eblasts or create community bulletin boards to update residents on items of importance and to let them know how their money is being spent. We promote the use of our website service to provide a calendar of events, among other information, so members can become active in their community.

Communication drives interest and interest drives community.

Improving communication between board members and homeowners can alleviate confusion and prevent misunderstandings from arising. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get everyone on board with every event and every policy change. However, having a good HOA Management manager enables the effectiveness of a board and increased success of your HOA. Your Concept Association manager will keep channels of communication open, keep everyone accountable, and maintain an orderly system of delivering information from property managers to board members to residents.

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