The best technology provides the advanced functionality you need to handle your HOA’s communications.

We believe all members of the community should be able to communicate with each other or obtain information 24/7 from their laptop, tablet or smart phone. In particular, it should enable email communications so that all association business is kept separate from homeowners’ personal or work-related communications.

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Communication capabilities for everyone in the community, anytime and from any device.

Communication tools should be designed with HOAs in mind and customized for your community’s unique needs. Our technology offers customizable communication tools as part of a robust and comprehensive HOA management software package.

  • Fast Response Times — The system should provide various ways to contact your community management company. It should also ensure that residents and board members receive a response quickly.
  • Contracts—for building and landscape maintenance, reserve studies, security, snow plowing and other services.
  • Mass Alerts — An advanced system will enable your board or your community manager to send out urgent alerts by phone or email. This capability can be extremely important during severe weather or other emergency situations.
  • Privacy and security protection— A good communication system will enable you to determine access rights based on a community member’s role. It should also provide reliable security measures to protect HOA and homeowner information from hackers and other unauthorized users.
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